Steering Businesses Towards Ethical Digital and AI Practices: BeEthical – Shaping a Responsible Future
Through our active participation in these bodies and partnerships, BeEthical is leading the way in AI standardization and ethical considerations, ensuring a future where AI serves the best interests of society. Join us in our mission to shape a more ethical and responsible AI landscape.

Established in 2008, BeEthical embarked on a journey with a clear mission: to steer businesses towards the ethical and socially responsible use of digital and AI technologies. We are a French consultancy firm, rooted in a deep understanding of Europe’s digital policy and regulatory terrain, delivering a holistic range of services to businesses across all stages of their digital evolution.

As pioneers in the field, we recognized early on the profound impact digital technologies and artificial intelligence would have on society. We saw the pressing need for ethical guidelines and social responsibility in these areas, and thus, BeEthical was born.

Our strength lies in our expertise and our ability to translate complex regulations and ethical considerations into practical strategies for businesses. We take pride in not just offering advice but walking alongside businesses as they navigate the dynamic and often challenging digital terrain.

But our mission goes beyond consultancy. We are champions of an ethical digital world, where technologies serve humanity without compromising on values or societal well-being. Our goal is to foster a culture of responsibility in the digital world, where businesses don’t just thrive, but also contribute positively to society.

Join us in our pursuit to create a digital world that is as ethical as it is innovative. Together, we can ensure that the digital and AI journey of your business is not just successful, but also socially responsible and ethically sound. BeEthical is more than a consultancy, it more then compliance. BeEthical use a post-compliance approach to design a more accountable digital future.